Thoughtful urban design and careful space planning brought the office needs and food pantry together with 7 transitional apartments for families in need all under one roof. And that roof is, naturally, covered with solar panels. A 19.8 Kw PV array in addition to a 320 SF solar hot water system connected to radiant floors in lightweight concrete provide 65% of the residential electrical needs and 83% of the hot water needs for the building, respectively. A highly insulated envelope, high performance windows and doors, a 94% high efficiency boiler, and CFL throughout are just some of the active systems and materials included to reduce the building’s energy bills saving well needed funds for those who come to EFAA for help. Passive systems include daylighting strategies throughout, passive solar on the office floor, natural ventilation, and finishes specified to achieve a high level of indoor air quality also add to a pleasing, efficient environment for EFAA staff and their clients while adding to operational savings in the long run.

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